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4.Cutbacktoamediumshot. The exchange was barely noticeable. 5.Cutawaytosomeonereadinganewspaper. 6.Cutintoacloseupofthenewspaperguy,showingthathe'snotactuallyreading, butislookingoverthetopofthepaper. 7.Cuttoawideshotofthetwopeoplewhomadethehand-off,nowstartingtowalk awayfromeachother. 8.Cuttoamediumshotofthepersonwiththenewspaper.Ashestandsup,someone sittingatthetablebehindhimalsogetsup. The audience didn't even notice the second person before, because the frst shot of the newspaper guy was a closeup. Of course, you'll do all of this fancy footwork in iMovie, during the editing phase. But you can't create such a dramatic sequence unless you capture the various close, medium, and wide shots to begin with--as you're flming. As noted earlier, footage that you'll eventually save as a QuickTime movie fle should consist mostly of closeups. But regardless of the fnal format, the best movies feature Video Composition: A Crash Course