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4.Cutbacktoamediumshot. The exchange was barely noticeable. 5.Cutawaytosomeonereadinganewspaper. 6.Cutintoacloseupofthenewspaperguy,showingthathe'snotactuallyreading, butislookingoverthetopofthepaper. 7.Cuttoawideshotofthetwopeoplewhomadethehand-off,nowstartingtowalk awayfromeachother. 8.Cuttoamediumshotofthepersonwiththenewspaper.Ashestandsup,someone sittingatthetablebehindhimalsogetsup. The audience didn't even notice the second person before, because the frst shot of the newspaper guy was a closeup. Of course, you'll do all of this fancy footwork in iMovie, during the editing phase. But you can't create such a dramatic sequence unless you capture the various close, medium, and wide shots to begin with--as you're flming. As noted earlier, footage that you'll eventually save as a QuickTime movie fle should consist mostly of closeups. But regardless of the fnal format, the best movies feature a variety of shots--a fact that doesn't occur to every camcorder operator. Tip: It's an excellent idea to set a new scene with an establishing shot, but when you flm that shot is unim- portant. Ever watch a TV sitcom? Almost every segment that takes place in, for example, the Cosby family's apartment begins with an exterior establishing shot of the brownstone building's exterior. Needless to say, those interior and exterior apartment shots were flmed on different days, in different cities, by different flm crews. The magic of video editing made it seem like the same time and place. Video Composition: A Crash Course Figure 2-9: The Rule of Thirds: Don't put the good stuff in the middle. When shooting some- one's face, frame the shot so that the eyes fall on the upper imaginary line, a third of the way down the frame. When two people are in the frame, zoom in so that they're roughly superimposed on the two vertical "rule of thirds" lines. When shooting a panorama, put the horizon line at the bottom-third line to emphasize the sky or tall objects like mountains, trees, and buildings; put the horizon on the upper-third line to emphasize what's on the ground, such as the people in the shot. chapter2:turninghomevideointoprovideo 59