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Video Composition: A Crash Course > Video Composition: A Crash Course - Pg. 56

Keep it in Focus As you zoom out, notice what happens: The camcorder remains in perfect focus all the way. (Figure 2-7 shows this sequence.) Now you can begin to flm, confdent that even when you zoom in, the picture will remain in sharp focus. In other words, once you've focused at the maximum zoom level, you're free to set the zoom to any intermediate level without having to refocus (if you're zooming sparingly and with a purpose, of course). Video Composition: A Crash Course The tips in this chapter so far have been designed to turn you from an amateur into a more accomplished technician. Now it's time to train the artist in you. Even when shooting casual home movie footage, consider the composition of the shot--the way the subject flls the frame, the way the parts of the picture relate to each other, and so on. Will the shot be clearer, better, or more interesting if you move closer? What about walking around to the other side of the action, or zooming in slightly, or letting tall grass fll the foreground? Would the shot be more interesting if it were framed by horizontal, vertical, or diagonal structures (such as branches, pillars, or a road stretching away)? All of this foats through a veteran director's head before the camera starts to roll.