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Video Lighting: A Crash Course iMovie production into a QuickTime movie, you'll notice severe drops in color fdelity and picture quality--and a severe increase in blotchiness. This desperate need for light explains why some camcorders have a small built- in light on the front. Unfortunately, such lights are effective only when shooting subjects just a few feet away. Better still are clip-on video lights designed precisely for use with camcorders. Not every camcorder has a shoe--a fat connector on the top that secures, and provides power to, a video light. But if yours does, consider buying a light to ft it. The scenes you shoot indoors, or at close range outdoors, will beneft from much better picture quality. If your camcorder doesn't have a light attachment, or if you want to get more serious yet, consider deliberately lighting the scene, just like TV and flm cinematographers the world over. Going to this extreme isn't always necessary, of course. If it's just you flming the New Year's Eve party, you're better off not asking the revelers to sit down and be quiet while you set up the lights. But when you're conducting interviews, shooting a dramatic flm, making a video for broadcast, or making a QuickTime movie for distribution on a CD-ROM, lights will make your footage look much better. The following discussion is dedicated to illuminating those more important flming