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Tips for Keeping Zooming Under Control > Tips for Keeping Zooming Under Control - Pg. 44

Limit Zooming and Panning · The zoom button is ideal for adjusting the magnifcation level between shots, when the camcorder is paused--to set up a new shot. Be conscious of how many times you're using the zoom while the tape is rolling. · Sometimes you may be tempted to zoom in order to create an establishing shot--to show the entire landscape, the big picture--before closing in on your main sub- ject. That's a worthy instinct, but zooming isn't the best way to go from an establishing shot to a closeup. Instead, consider an effect like the extremely effective, more in- teresting one that opens such movies as Citizen Kane: a series of successive shots that dissolve, one into the next, each closer to the subject than the previous. (See Figure 2-3.) Open with a wide shot that shows the entire airport; fade into a me- dium shot that shows the exiting masses of people; fnally, dissolve to the worried face of the passenger whose luggage has vanished. Naturally, you can't create the fades and dissolves while you're shooting, but it's a piece of cake to add them in Zooming Cutting Figure 2-3: Zooming, as represented here by several sequen- tial frames (left), is a dead giveaway that the movie is homemade.