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Replace the Microphone you have alternatives. A shotgun mike is elongated and thin; it's designed to pick up a distant sound source with pinpoint accuracy. (In Hollywood thrillers, shotgun mikes appear onscreen in the hands of the characters almost as often as they do behind the scenes.) Semi-pro camcorders like the Canon XL1 and the Sony VX2000 have shotgun mikes built right in. Clip-on shotgun mikes are available for less expensive Canon and Sony camcorders, too. There's also the boom mike, which requires a helper to hold over the head of the actor on a long pole--another staple of professional flm production. Unfortunately, this kind of mike, too, is likely to dampen your spontaneity. Where to Buy Them You won't fnd these fancier microphone types, which cost $100 or more, in the lo- cal Radio Shack. Online, however, they're everywhere. Video-supply companies like BUYERS' GUIDE How to Buy a Microphone When you shop for an add-on mike for your camcorder, you'll have to choose between models based on three im- Cardioid microphones block sound from behind, and dampen sound coming from the sides. In other words, they