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Tip: In certain situations, plugging one cable into the next, as you do when connecting an external microphone to an extension cable, can introduce a hum on your soundtrack. To avoid ruining otherwise great footage, carry with you a pair of cheap Walkman headphones. Whenever you're using an external microphone, plug these headphones into the headphone jack on your camcorder and listen as you flm. (In fact, you're wise to use headphones anytime you're flming.) If a humming or buzzing does arise, try exchanging cables, eliminating extension cords, and running the camcorder on battery instead of AC power, until you've isolated the source of the problem. Replace the Microphone Wireless Mikes One of those inexpensive tie-clip microphones is ideal when you're flming interviews, speeches, or scripted dialog with actors. But in other situations, a cabled microphone like this is impractical, such as when you're shooting a jogger, somebody in a car, or an undercover agent. Figure 2-2: A tie-clip microphone, known in the business as a Lavalier mike ("lava-LEER"), is a very inexpensive way to dramati- cally improve the audio on your footage, especially when accompanied by an extension cable or two. You plug it into