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Get the Shot "in the can," especially if they're shot different ways (different angles, zoom levels, and so on), the more fexibility and choice you'll have when editing, and the better the fnished product will be. Don't go overboard, of course; there is still such a thing as shooting too much foot- age. You should still think in terms of capturing shots that you've thought about and framed in the viewfnder; don't just roll continuously, pointing the lens this way and that. And you should still remember all the extra time you'll have to spend transferring the footage into iMovie, reviewing it, and editing it. The more you shoot, the greater the editing time. But it's certainly safe to say that in the age of iMovie, you'll improve your odds of catching memorable moments on tape if you keep the camera rolling as long as the kid/animal/tornado is performing. Replace the Microphone The built-in microphone on your camcorder can't be beat for convenience. It's always there, it's always on, and it's always pointing at what you're flming. Unfortunately, camcorder microphones have several disadvantages. For example: