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Get the Shot > Get the Shot - Pg. 37

6.Filmtheactionasdescribedinthischapter.Whenyou'veflmedenoughofthe scene--whenyou'vegot the shot--presstheRecordbuttonasecondtimetostop rolling. At this point, the camcorder is back in standby mode. It's using up its battery faster than when it's turned off. Therefore, if you don't expect to be flming anything else within the next few minutes, push the primary switch back to its Off position. (If you forget, no big deal; most camcorders turn off automatically after fve minutes or so since your last activity.) Now you, like thousands before you, know the basics. The rest of this chapter is designed to elevate your art from that of camera operator to cinematographer/director. Film-Technique Crash Course Get the Shot Rule No. 1: Get the shot. If you and the camcorder aren't ready when something great happens--whether you're trying to create a Hollywood-style movie with scripted actors or just trying to catch the dog's standoff with a squirrel--then everything else in this book, and in your new hobby, are for naught.