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Where and How to Buy > Where and How to Buy - Pg. 32

Buying a DV Camcorder · Canon. Go to to view the various models. · Panasonic.Details are at · Sharp.For more on Sharp's ViewCam series, hit TypeLanding/0,1056,70,00.html (or just go to and navigate your way to the camcorders). · JVC. These camcorders have come a long way since the early days, when JVC's models were incompatible with iMovie. Now they work smoothly, and come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. Details at Camcorders, as it turns out, are famous for having hopelessly unrealistic list prices. The high-defnition Sony HDR-FX1, for example, has an offcial price tag of $3,700, but you can fnd it for under $3,100 online. Once you've narrowed down your interest, then, go straight to a Web site like www. or to see what the real-world price is. Such Web sites specialize in collecting the prices from mail-order companies all over the world. When you specify the camcorder model you're looking for, you're shown a list of online stores that carry it, complete with prices. (All of the prices in this chapter came from listings on those Web sites.)