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You, however, have a far superior editing console--iMovie--and a far superior con- nection method--FireWire. Control-L and Lanc are worthless to you. Buying a DV Camcorder Where and How to Buy Virtually every camcorder manufacturer has adopted the DV format, including Sony, Panasonic, JVC, Sharp, RCA, Hitachi, and Canon. Each company releases a new line of models once or twice a year; the feature list always gets longer, the price always gets lower, and the model numbers always change. Cameras come in all sizes, shapes, and price ranges (see Figure 1-8). In magazine reviews and Internet discussion groups, Sony and Canon get consistently high marks for high quality. JVC and Sony make the smallest, most pocketable models. Still, each manufacturer offers different exclusive goodies, and each camcorder generation improves on the previous one. Figure 1-8: The model lineup changes constantly, and new formats come and go. Here, for example, are three of Sony's digital camcorders. Top left: The compact HC models are horizontally oriented cameras, some with widescreen (16:9) fip-out screens, as shown here. Top right: The PC series represents some of the tiniest MiniDV camcorders you can buy. Bottom: The awesome, three-chip, semi- pro HDTV camcorder known as the HDR- FX1 (not to scale)--a camcorder that Apple calls a perfect companion for iMovie HD. Apple's "Supported Camcorders" list at identifes models that Apple has tested to confrm that they work with iMovie. They are certainly not the only models that do, however. They happen to be the ones whose manufacturers have given cameras to Apple for testing and endorsement. To look over a company's latest camcorders, start by reading about them at the rel- evant Web site: · Sony. Visit, and then navigate your way to the Digital Camcorder page. chapter1:thedvcamcorder 31