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Title generator Some camcorders let you superimpose titles (that is, lettering) on your video as you flm. In your case, dear iMovie owner, a title-generating feature is useless. Your Mac can add gorgeous, smooth-edged type, with a selection of sizes, fonts, colors, and even scrolling animations to your fnished movies, with far more precision and power than the blocky text available to your camcorder. (Chapter 7 shows you how.) Tip: A title generator on the camcorder is actually worse than useless, because it permanently stamps your original footage with something you may wish you could amend later. In fact, as a general rule, you should avoid using (or paying for) any of the in-camera editing features described in this chapter--title generator, fader, special effects--because you can do this kind of editing much more effectively in iMovie. Not only are they redundant, but they commit you to an editing choice in advance, thus limiting how you can use your footage. Buying a DV Camcorder Fader Most DV camcorders offer a Fade or Fader button. If you press it once before pressing the Record button, you record a smooth, professional-looking fade-in from black- ness. If you press it as you're recording, and then press the Record button again to stop recording, you get a smooth dimming of the picture (and, usually, a fading of