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Buying a DV Camcorder tinually refocus, so pointing the camera slightly away from your subject makes you lose the off-center focus you've established.) Some Canon, Sony, and Sharp camcorders let you point to a specifc spot in the frame that you want to serve as the focus point, even if it's not the center of the picture. (This feature is called FlexiZone on the Canon models, or Push Focus on high-end Sony models. On Sony cams with touch-screen LCD panels, it's especially easy to indicate which spot in the frame should get the focus.) If the model you're eyeing has this feature, it's worth having. Night-vision mode Most Sony camcorders offer a mode called NightShot that works like night-vision goggles. In this mode, you can actually flm (and see, as you watch the LCD screen) in total darkness. The infrared transmitter on the front of the camcorder measures the heat given off by various objects in its path, letting you capture an eerie, green- ish night scene. Rent The Silence of the Lambs for an idea of how creepy night-vision flming can be. Or watch any episode of "Survivor." The transmitter's range is only about 15 feet or so. Still, you may be surprised how often it comes in handy: on campouts, during sleepovers, on nighttime nature walks, and so on.