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Unfortunately, there may be times when you have no choice but to flm somebody, or something, against a bright backdrop. In those cases, as you may have discovered through painful experience, the person you're trying to flm shows up extremely dark, almost in silhouette (see Figure 1-6). Now the background is correctly exposed, but the subject winds up underexposed. A Backlight button, then, is a valuable asset on a camcorder. Its purpose is to tell the camera, "OK, look, it's a bright scene; I can appreciate that. But I'm more interested in the subject that's coming out too dark at the moment. So do me a favor and open that aperture a couple of notches, will you?" Figure 1-6: Without the backlight mode, your camcorder is likely to turn your subject into a silhouette (left). The backlight button com- pensates by brightening everything up (right). Buying a DV Camcorder