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Buying a DV Camcorder Onto these cassettes, Digital8 camcorders record the identical DV signal found on MiniDV camcorders. But they can play back either digital video or traditional, analog video. (When recording digital video, however, the camera runs twice as fast--you still get only one hour of recording per tape, just as on MiniDV tapes.) This kind of camcorder, in other words, is a good solution if you have a library of old 8mm tapes that you'd like to edit in iMovie. Your Mac can't tell which kind of tape the Digital8 camcorder is playing. On the other hand, full-blown DV camcorders and tapes are no longer much more expensive than their 8mm predecessors, and Sony's Digital8 camcorder family has already begun to wind down. Figure 1-5: Digital stabilization features work by "taking in" more image than you actually see in the viewfnder. Because the camcorder has some buffer, its computer can compensate for small bumps and jitters by keeping an "eye" on prominent features of the image. On less expensive camcorders, unfortunately, this buffer zone means that your camcorder is absorbing less video information, to the detriment of picture quality.