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Part Four: iDVD 5 > iDVD Secrets - Pg. 445

If you open your modifed copy of iDVD, you'll see that your new button ap- pears at the bottom of the window (as shown in Figure 18-9). To test your new button, choose a theme that contains video and audio menu screens. Make sure that they're playing--and then click your new button. Marvel as the sound cuts out, but the video continues. Figure 18-9: After editing iDVD, your new button (the small speaker button) appears at the bot- tom of the window, ready to control sound playback for motion menus. There's a lot more you can do with Interface Builder and iDVD; this was only one example. In step 11, for instance, you assigned your new button to the toggleBackgroundAudio function, but you probably noticed that there were dozens of other functions in that list that you could have assigned to. Explore other little cubes to fnd even more program features. Archiving Your Project One small step for iDVD, perhaps, but a giant leap for your understanding of how Mac software is made. Archiving Your Project Ordinarily, iDVD doesn't store any videos, photos, or sounds in your iDVD project fle. It remains a tiny, compact fle that stores only pointers to those fles elsewhere on your hard drive. That's why, if you delete or move one of those media fles, iDVD will mildly freak out. (See page 447 in that case.) In previous versions of iDVD, you couldn't transfer a project from one Mac to another for this very reason. And that meant that you couldn't design a DVD on one Mac (one that lacked a DVD burner), and then burn it on another. You also couldn't back up your project fle, content that you'd included all of its pieces. Fortunately, Apple packed a solution into iDVD 5. The Archive Project command lets you completely "de-reference" your project, so that the project fle contains every fle that you've incorporated into your project: movies, photos, sounds, theme compo- nents, and DVD-ROM fles. Your project fle is now completely self-contained, ready for backup or transfer to another computer. It's also now really, really huge. Follow these steps to produce your archive. chapter18:idvdsecrets 445