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Part Four: iDVD 5 > From iMovie to iDVD - Pg. 363

All about Themes The moving drop zones, any music that's playing, and the font for your buttons are all part of a theme: a unifed design scheme that governs how the menus look and behave, complete with attractive backgrounds, coordinated typography, and back- ground music. iDVD 5 comes with 15 eye-catching new themes that include a host of visually stunning effects. It takes a lot of individual design decisions to make a theme. For example: Figure 15-8: iDVD Themes can create strikingly dif- ferent menu screens for similar projects. Top: The Scrapbook theme uses a script font based on handwritten text and a series of drop zones that fy across an ani- mated background video. Phase 4: Design the Menu Screen