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Part Four: iDVD 5 > Designing iDVD Themes - Pg. 421

· Add(orremove)adropshadow. Use the Drop Shadow checkbox to add a drop shadow--a faint shadow behind and below the text that creates an easier-to-read, almost 3-D effect. · Changethefontsize. Adjust the TextSize slider in the Settings pane to choose a new font size for your selected text. As with fonts, you can pick only one font size per text category. · Removethetitle. Highlight the text on the menu and then press the Delete key. The empty title text box remains, but it's invisible. Later, if you like, you can click inside the title box to reopen it and type new text. · Removebuttontext. To remove the labels from your buttons, select any button and then choose No Text from the TextPosition pop-up menu (in the Settings pane). You've just removed labels from all the buttons, not just the selected one. · Reposition(icon)buttontext. iDVD lets you place button text on any side of the button, or even directly in its center. Select a button and then locate the Text Position pop-up menu in the Settings pane. Choose a button-label position relative to the button graphic: Top, Center, Bottom, Left, and Right. · Aligntext. To change the alignment of text (titles, text boxes, or text buttons), se- lect the text and then use the TextAlignment pop-up menu. Choose from Left, Centered, and Right. · Positionthetitleortextbox. You can drag titles and text boxes anywhere on the screen you like. (Be careful not to park one where the overscanning effect of older TVs [page 186] might chop off some of your letters. To avoid this problem, choose AdvancedShow TV Safe Area before you drag, taking care to keep the text inside the superimposed guideline rectangle that iDVD now puts onscreen.) Editing and Positioning Text Changing Backgrounds The menu-screen background sets the tone by providing the look and atmosphere that defnes the entire screen. As a result, choosing a new background can add a unique twist to an existing theme. Background Still Images Using a graphics fle as a backdrop is a lot easier than using a video as a backdrop. You don't have to think about timing and loops, and you don't have to worry about how the motion will interact with your buttons and drop zones. Adding a background image 1: Preserving drop zones It's incredibly easy to change the backdrop for a particular menu screen: Just drag any graphics fle directly onto the existing background. (Your only challenge: To avoid dropping it onto a button or a drop zone.) You can drag a JPEG fle, for example, right out of the Finder, out of iPhoto if it's open, or out of the Photos pane of the Customize drawer. iDVD instantly sets the image as your new menu background. chapter17:designingidvdthemes 421