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Edit Menu Redo We're only human, so it's entirely possible that sometimes you might want to undo your Undo. For example, suppose that you've just used the Undo command a few times, retracing your steps back to a time when your movie was in better shape, and then decide that you've gone one step too far. That's when the Redo command is useful; it tells iMovie to undo your last Undo, so that you can step forward in time, redoing the steps that you just undid. (If you haven't yet used the Undo command, then Redo is dimmed.) Keyboard shortcut: Shift-c-Z. Cut, Copy, Paste You can use the Cut, Copy, and Paste commands in three different ways: · To move clips around on the Clips pane, on the Movie Track, or between the Clips pane and the Movie Track. For example, you might click a clip in the Clips pane, choose EditCopy, and then choose EditPaste. Doing so creates a duplicate of the clip. Now you're free to edit, crop, or chop up the original, confdent that you've got a duplicate as a backup. Keyboard shortcuts: c-C for Copy, c-X for Cut, c-V for paste.