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File Menu Share This essential command (Shift-c-E, because it was named Export in earlier versions) is, in a way, the entire point of iMovie. It lets you send your fnished movie out into the world in search of an audience, the culmination of your video-editing adventure. You have several options: · Export it to your email program at a highly condensed, reduced size. · Export a tiny version to your .Mac account, if you have one, as a Web page for the entire global Internet village to enjoy. · Export it back to the DV camcorder, and from there to a TV or VHS cassette. · Export it to iDVD (Chapter 15), for making into a DVD. · Export it into a QuickTime movie for viewing on a computer. · Export a heavily compressed version to a Bluetooth cellphone to show off. These options are described in gripping detail in Chapters 11 through 18. Save Frame A digital camcorder is also a digital still camera, thanks to this command. This com-