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Save Project This command (c-S) preserves any changes you've made to your project, exactly as in a word processor or any other program. iMovie saves such changes fairly quickly. It doesn't actually store any changes to the video clips you've captured; instead, it just makes a list of the changes you've made, which gets stored in the relatively tiny project document. Note: The Save command also purges certain information that iMovie's been holding in memory--like your Undo trail. After a Save, you can no longer undo your recent actions using the Undo command. File Menu Save Project As For the frst time, iMovie has a Save As command! It peels off a copy of your project in progress, creating a duplicate on your hard drive. The beneft, of course, is that you can "freeze" the frst copy--a mid-editing backup--and travel down a different editing road with the copy, confdent that you can always return to the frst one if your editing inspiration turns out to be a bust. The Save Project As command can take a long time and a lot of disk space, though, because it's duplicating all of your huge video fles on the hard drive.