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iMovie Menu Services This submenu lists the standard Mac OS X Services (see Mac OS X: The Missing Man- ual), like Summarize and Reveal Finder. None of them work in iMovie. Hide iMovie, Hide Others, Show All These aren't iMovie's commands--they're Mac OS X's. In any case, they determine which of the various programs running on your Mac are visible onscreen at any given moment. The Hide Others command is probably the most popular of these three. It zaps away the windows of all other programs-- including the Finder--so that the iMovie window is the only one you see. Tip: If you know this golden Mac OS X trick, you may never need to use the Hide Others command: To switch into iMovie from another program, hold down the Option and c keys when clicking the iMovie icon in the Dock. Doing so simultaneously brings iMovie to the front and hides all other programs you have running, producing an uncluttered, distraction-free view of iMovie. Quit iMovie HD This command (keyboard shortcut: c-Q) closes iMovie after offering you the chance to save any changes you've made to your project fle. The next time you open iMovie