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around the bend. You're often caught by surprise by events that were just offscreen to the right as they suddenly jump-scroll to the left side of the window. iMovie Menu Shop for iMovie HD Products This isn't so much a command as it is a marketing ploy. It opens your Web browser to a page on Apple's Web site that offers to sell you camcorders, plug-ins, blank DVDs, and other accessories. Provide iMovie HD Feedback This command takes you to a Web form on Apple's site where you can register com- plaints, make suggestions, or gush enthusiastically about iMovie. Register iMovie HD This is a link to yet another Apple Web page. Registering iMovie simply means giving Apple your contact information so you can access Apple's online support documents, receive upgrade notices, get special offers, and so on. There's no penalty for not reg- istering, by the way. Apple just wants to know more about who you are, so that it can offer you exciting new waves of junk mail. Figure A-3: On faster Macs--machines with the power to do the real-time processing--turning on the Highest quality setting (in iMovie's Prefer- ences) makes a big difference in playback while you're working on your movie, as these before-and-after shots illustrate. The difference is especially obvious when text appears in your movie. Jaggies Highest quality Standard quality Check For Updates If iMovie isn't set to check for Apple patches and bug-fx updates automatically (page 458), you can make it check manually on your command, using this option. appendixa:imoviehd,menubymenu 461