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iMovie Menu Import · Place clips in: Clips Pane/Movie Timeline. When you frst install iMovie, it stashes each captured clip from the camcorder in the Clips pane. If the scenes on your DV camcorder are roughly in the order you'll want them to be in the fnished movie, however, you can save some dragging-from-the-Clips- pane steps by choosing to have iMovie stash them directly in the Movie Track as they're imported. (This option also affects imported graphics.) · Start a new clip at each scene break. iMovie, when importing footage from your camcorder, can automatically create a new clip every time it detects that the cam- corder was turned off and on again during flming. In other words, every shot becomes its own clip--a useful and sophisticated feature not found in even the pro editing programs. (If this option is turned off, then iMovie will import all footage in one big long clump.) · Filter audio from camera. iMovie is supposed to screen out the beeps that indicate bad frames of audio recorded by the camera. But in some strange circumstances, this fltering can occasionally introduce audio glitches instead of fxing them. Don't turn off this box unless you're experiencing beeps in the imported audio, in which case turning this option off and reimporting the footage may help.