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· Extract audio when using "Paste Over at Playhead." In short, this option lets you paste video (without its audio) over existing audio tracks. See page 223 for details. · Snap to items in Timeline. This checkbox makes the Playhead snap magnetically against important events in the Timeline viewer: the beginnings and ends of video clips, silence in audio tracks, bookmarks, chapter markers, and effects. And if you're dragging one of these items, it snaps against the playhead when you reach it (Figure A-2, bottom). This feature saves you a lot of fussing with the arrow keys, because very often, the edit you're trying to perform is right at one of these junctures. Tip: When Timeline snapping is turned on, hold down the Shift key to turn it off temporarily. When Timeline snapping is turned off, press Shift to turn it on for the moment. In other words, Shift overrides the current Preferences setting. iMovie Menu Figure A-2: When audio waveforms are turned off (top), there's a lot less visual clutter, and you get to see the names of all your audio clips. When they're turned on (bottom), you have better luck lining up specifc audio and video moments (not to men- tion identifying spoken expletives that you want deleted). If you turn on "Timeline snapping," the Playhead jumps, as you drag it, to each important event in the Timeline--includ- ing the beginnings or endings of audio silence, as shown here at bottom. New in iMovie HD: at each snap, the vertical line extending from the Playhead turns yellow. Waveforms off Waveforms on Snap! · Play sound effects when snapping. Turn on this checkbox to add a zesty little pop! sound each time the Playhead snaps against something. · New Project frame rate. This pop-up menu lets you tell iMovie whether you want the number of frames per second, in a newly created project, set to 29.97 (the North American/Japanese NTSC standard) or 25 (the European PAL standard). Apple added this option in iMovie HD in part to accommodate the new era of high-defnition camcorders, some of which capture at 29.97 and some at 25 frames per second. appendixa:imoviehd,menubymenu 459