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iMovie Menu General · Beep when fnished importing. The idea here is that exporting (Chapter 12) can take a long time. Thanks to Mac OS X's multitasking abilities, you can switch into some other program to get some work done while iMovie chugs away. Trouble is, you won't know when the exporting process is done because you won't see the progress bar. This option solves the problem by playing a little dink! noise to alert you. Figure A-1: The Preferences dialog box is much less important in iMovie HD; some of the features once found here have been moved out to the menus, where they're easier to fnd. It's worth noting that you can get to this box quickly by pressing c-comma, which isn't so hard to learn consider- ing it's also the keystroke that opens the Preferences box in iPhoto, iTunes, GarageBand, and so on.