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appendix a iMovie HD, Menu by Menu A s you've certainly noticed by now, iMovie doesn't look like a standard Mac program. Part of its radical charm is that almost all of its functions are rep- resented visually on screen. There simply aren't many menu commands. But don't get complacent: You'll miss some great features if you don't venture to the top of the screen much. Here's a rundown of the commands in iMovie's menus: iMovie Menu In Mac OS X, the frst menu after the a menu is named for the program you're us- ing--in this case, iMovie. About iMovie HD This command opens the "About" box containing the requisite Apple legal infor- mation. There's really only one good reason to open the About iMovie window: It's the easiest way to fnd out exactly which version of iMovie you have. iMovie HD Hot Tips Each of the i-programs these days offers a Hot Tips command, which takes you online to Apple's Web page for a crash course in the latest new features. In iMovie's case, this page covers Playhead snapping, the Ken Burns effect, and so on. Preferences Opens the Preferences window (Figure A-1), which, in iMovie HD, has been split into three panels, each marked by an icon at the top. (Keyboard shortcut: c-comma.) Here's a tour. appendixa:imoviehd,menubymenu 457