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Take cost into account when picking a service bureau, but keep in mind that you often get what you pay for. It may be worth paying extra to fnd a technically savvy reseller that will ask the right questions, hold your hand as needed, and make sure that your project turns out right. Professional Duplicating Working with Replicators When submitting a work order, be very specifc. Unless you specify Amray cases (the Blockbuster-style cases, with a little plastic hub that holds the center of the DVD) and cigarette-stripped shrink wrap (standard clear plastic wrapping, so named because you pull a strip to open it, just as on a pack of cigarettes), you may end up with DVDs shoved into CD jewel cases. Sit down with your salesperson and go through all the options, from packaging to turnaround time. Complex packaging takes more time and costs more. Consider ordering your discs in bulk paper sleeves or "slimline" cases (the most basic DVD delivery cases), without printing on them, to save on costs and time. To save even more money, you may be able to set up a deal where you pay to replicate 1,000 discs but package only 200 of them. up To speeD