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Professional Duplicating Expect to pay about a dollar per disc for a run of 1,000 discs. Smaller runs will cost more per disc, larger runs less, but $1,000 is about the least you'll pay for a replication job. Note: DVD service bureaus often call themselves replicators, even though they offer both duplication and replication. Prepare to Copy All DVD service bureaus accept DVD-R masters, of the sort that iDVD burns. Nev- ertheless, keep these tips in mind: ·Submittwo. Always submit two copies of your master. It costs you almost nothing in materials and time, and can save your project if one of the discs fails. ·Usenamebrands. Burn your masters on the best-quality discs available. Brand- name blanks, like Verbatim, Maxell or TDK, are less likely to lead to duplication problems. (One replicator complains that if you hold those cheapie 30-cent discs up to the light, you can see light pass right through them!) ·UseDVD-Rs. Despite the format wars in DVD standards (DVD-R vs. DVD+R), the ­R standard--the one used by more Macs--is better for replication. Many