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the aid of a DVD service bureau. (DVD service bureaus are middlemen between you and the large replication plants, which don't deal directly with the public.) Technically, these companies offer two different services: ·Duplication.Duplicated discs are copies of your original DVD. Service bureaus use banks of DVD burners, fve or ten at a time, that churn out copy after copy on DVD-Rs (the same kinds of blanks as you used). You pay for materials and labor, usually by the hour. (Discs with less data burn quicker, producing more discs per hour.) This is the way to go if you need fewer than 100 copies of your disc. (On the other hand, remember that some DVD play- ers don't play DVD-R discs.) ·Replication.Replication is designed for huge numbers of copies: 200 and up. In this process, the company actually presses the DVDs just the way Hollywood movie studios do it--and the results play back in virtually every DVD player. Replicated discs are produced in factories. When replicated, the data from your master DVD-R is placed on a pressed 4.7 GB "DVD-5" disc--a standard DVDs, not a DVD-R. power users' clinic Professional Duplicating