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if the themes you've used come from other companies, were designed by you, or are modifed versions of Apple's originals. "Include encoded fles" is the more important option, because it's very unlikely that all of your sounds, photos, and movies are also on the destination Mac. Turn the boxes on and off to see how much space you'll recover. 4.Namethearchivefle,chooseafolderlocationforit,andthenclickSave. Wait as iDVD builds the new archive. This can take a few minutes, so be patient. You may be working with very large fles. Archived projects look like any other projects, in that they use the same .dvdproj ex- tension. But inside, they're very different. For proof, simply open it as a package (page 112). Inside its ContentsResources folder, new folders called Assets and Themes store the extra archived elements (Figure 18-11). Tip: In order to turn your photos and videos into DVD material, iDVD must encode (convert) them into a format called MPEG. Depending on your Preferences settings, iDVD may constantly be working on this time-consuming task, or it may do the job only when you burn the DVD. Either way, an archived project also stores any MPEG fles iDVD has created so far. They'll save you time Archiving Your Project