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Designing iDVD Themes > Designing iDVD Themes - Pg. 443

6.Dragtheround,clearbuttonontheButtonspalette(thesecondbuttoninthe toprowofbuttons)intothespaceyoucreatedbymovingtheAppleicon. You've just installed a new button in iDVD. Unfortunately, when you click it, it won't do anything at all--yet. 7.ChooseToolsShowInfo(Shift-c-I). The Show Info dialog box appears. Make sure that the pop-up menu at the top says Attributes. 8.Clickinthethirdline(Icon).TypeMiniAudio1N. Type the phrase exactly as you see here, including spelling and capitalization. (The second to last character is a 1, not an L.) You're directing Interface Builder's attention to a certain graphic that's already in the ContentsResources folder of your iDVD Application. In short, you're giving your new button a face--an icon of its own. 9.ClosetheInfopanel. A broken-picture icon now appears over your button. That's normal--and tem- porary. Modifying iDVD Itself