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Modifying iDVD Itself Tip: Remember to turn both sound and motion back on again before you burn a DVD--if, that is, you want these features to appear in the fnished product. Of course, your frst worry is where you're going to put this button. The only space for buttons is the row of icons at the bottom edge of the iDVD window, and it's already pretty full. Ah, but what about that Apple logo at the center of the bottom edge? (It appears here as a lowly broken-picture icon, but you can confrm that it's really the Apple logo by clicking it and then choosing ToolsShow Info.) It's using up prime real estate that might be better used by the button you're going to design. 4.Moveorremovethebroken-pictureAppleicon. Either drag the Apple icon's placeholder to the left, or click it and then press the Delete key to remove it entirely. In the next step, you're going to need the Cocoa palette (Figure 18-6, top right). If it isn't already open (usually at the upper-right corner of your screen), choose ToolsPalettesShow Palettes (c-/).