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You'll fnd them on Apple's iDVD scripting page. Visit to read about them and download them. Tip: Once you've downloaded these AppleScripts, you'll want to drag them into your HomeLibrary Scripts folder, so that you can trigger them by choosing their names from the Script menu. (If there isn't already a tiny black scroll icon on your menu bar--the Script menu--here's how to put it there. In Mac OS X 10.3, open your ApplicationsAppleScript folder and double-click Install Script Menu. In Mac OS X 10.4, use the AppleScript Utility program to add the menulet instead.) In any case, choosing an AppleScript's name from this menu is a very convenient and quick way to run it. In the following list, only the items identifed as droplets or applications don't belong in your Scripts menu. AppleScripting iDVD Here are some of the canned Apple scripts for iDVD: ·iDVDCompanion.This is an actual application (not a script) that endows iDVD with the foating palette shown in Figure 18-5. This palette offers a number of useful controls that aren't available in iDVD alone, like one that snaps your menu buttons into horizontal or vertical alignment (buttons that you've dragged freely, for example). iDVD Companion also offers a menu of all your menu screens, so that you can jump directly to any portion of your menu system; a list that lets you jump to any Figure 18-5: This free program from Apple isn't actually an AppleScript, but it uses AppleScript to add new features to iDVD--like the ability to align buttons that you've dragged by hand. chapter18:idvdsecrets 439