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Uncover Your DVD Project File So what is all this stuff? · Your ProjectData fle stores all the settings for your DVD project, in the form of a binary property list. It tells iDVD how to put together the menus, sound fles, graphics, and other pieces that comprise your DVD. Tip: For a really interesting afternoon of insight, drag the ProjectData icon onto the icon of, say, TextEdit. Turns out ProjectData is just a humble text fle, and--as long as you're careful not to make or save any changes--you can pass an enlightening afternoon studying its contents to discover how it's structured. · iDVD stores compressed video fles--the ones that your audience will actually see on the DVD player--in the MPEG folder. If you really want to, you can play one of these fles right on your Mac. To do so, copy it to the desktop, add an .m2v suffx to its fle name, and watch it using a program that can play MPEG-2 fles (like VLC, a free movie player from · If you're using an older theme, one whose buttons are represented as little pictures or videos, then a Thumbnails folder stores the tiny QuickTime videos that play on the buttons. Double-click one of them to play it in QuickTime Player right on your Mac. iDVD doesn't fll the remaining folders until it actually burns the DVD. At that point,