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The Status Pane > The Status Pane - Pg. 436

Project Info The Status pane gives important feedback on several iDVD features, mostly because these features come with important limits. These limits include: ·12buttonspermenu. Each menu can't contain more than 12 buttons at the time you burn the disc. If you've gone a wee bit button-crazy (or just forgot to dispose of some temporary buttons) on a particular screen, iDVD will warn you at burning time, and won't proceed until you've reduced the button count. ·99imagesperslideshow. You can't include any more than 99 pictures for any one slideshow, although you can add several slideshows to your disc. ·99moviesand/orslideshowsperdisc. Because it's a good soldier that endorses the offcial DVD specifcation, iDVD doesn't let you add more than that. Each movie and slideshow counts as a "track"--a single playback element--and 99 is the max. ·99 chapter markers per movie. Same deal. That's the maximum a DVD can have. ·99menusperdisc. If you need more menu screens than that, well, heaven help the audience who has to navigate your DVD. ·4.0GBperdisc. This is, more or less, the amount of data you can cram onto a