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·Removethings. Either drag fles or folders right out of the list, or select them and then press the Delete key. (Dragging out of the list gives you the cool puff-of-smoke animation.) ·Moveitemsintooroutoffolders. You can drag icons into one of the little folder icons to fle them there--or drag them out again to remove them. ·Reorderthelist. Drag icons up or down the list into new positions. ·Createsubfolders. Drag one folder into another to create subfolders. ·Renameafolder. Double-click the name of a folder to select and edit it. Press Return or Enter when you're fnished typing. ·List/hidefoldercontents. You can click a folder's "fippy triangle" to expand it and see what's inside, exactly as in Finder list views. iDVD--The DVD- ROM Maker Project Info iDVD 5 offers two particularly helpful tools that address project information: the Status pane and the Info window. They provide valuable feedback about your project, its resources, and its limits.