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iDVD--The DVD- ROM Maker Or store the full-resolution versions of the digital photos featured in your DVD slideshow (one of the most common uses for this feature). ·StoreWebpages. Web pages are perfect additions to the DVD-ROM disc area. Create a Web site that relates to your DVD and add your source fles to the disc. When distributed, your viewers can open these fles with an ordinary Web browser. For example, a DVD with a training video can contain supplementary lessons in HTML (Web page) format. ·Store"emailquality"versionsofyourvideo. Use the DVD-ROM area of your disc to store small, compressed versions of your video, or "wallet size" pictures from a slideshow, suitable for email. Now your audience can share your movie experience with other people. Adding Files to DVD-ROM iDVD's DVD-ROM fle management couldn't be simpler. Just drag icons out of the Finder and into the DVD-ROM Contents list (AdvancedEdit DVD-ROM Contents), as shown in Figure 18-1. Warning: The DVD-ROM editor in early versions of iDVD 5 (as shown in Figure 18-1) is still fairly buggy. Consequently, your edits may not work as expected. If the program starts acting strangely, stop. Quit from