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chapter 18 iDVD Secrets A lthough iDVD appears simple, straightforward, and direct, there's more power lurking inside than you might expect. You can see, change, and control things you never knew you could--if you're willing to try new and unusual approaches. Some of these approaches require add-on software programs. Others demand nerves of steel and a willingness to dive into hidden iDVD fles. And a few even require some familiarity with programming. In this advanced chapter, you'll discover how some of these sideways (and backwards and upside down) methods can expand your iDVD repertoire. iDVD--The DVD-ROM Maker iDVD's ability to add data fles to the DVD-ROM portion of your disc may be its least known feature. When it creates a DVD-ROM, iDVD sets aside a portion of your DVD for normal computer fles. This area of the disc won't show up on a DVD player--only on a computer. With iDVD, you can store any variety of data on your DVD. Here are just a few ways you can use this feature to enhance your disc: ·StoredocumentsthatrelatetoyourDVDcontents.The DVD-ROM area provides a perfect place to store copies of documents that concern the material presented in the DVD. This might include the script used to flm a movie, the different versions that eventually led to a fnal event invitation, extended family narratives, copies of email and other correspondence, and so on. Remember: TV sets aren't much good for displaying text, but a DVD-ROM and a computer can come to the rescue. chapter18:idvdsecrets 433