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Third-Party Buttons In the crazy, blossoming world of homemade DVDs, there's now such a thing as commercially available buttons. They let you add stylish new buttons to your menu screens without having to buy full themes. Stylized buttons can give a personalized twist to even fairly plain backgrounds, as shown in Figure 17-7. Figure 17-7: Why buy an entire custom theme when button styles do so much to create an individual feel for your iDVD menus? Mix and match buttons with background art to create a unique look on a budget. These samples are from iDVDThemePak ($40 for 21 custom buttons, or $75 for 42). Buying Sound and Vision Audio When you buy songs at the iTunes Music Store, you also buy the right to use them in any iLife creations for your personal use. Why settle for the mayhem of the Kid's Theater audio track when you can throw a buck at Apple and pick the music you really want? Tip: Stop by for a vast collection of free, royalty-free music. (It's free for personal, noncommercial use.) chapter17:designingidvdthemes 431