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Buying Sound and Vision from barely affordable to "they've got to be kidding." Page 424 describes how to add a commercial motion background to your iDVD project for a professional fair. Among the least expensive are Ulead's Pick-a-Video and Pick-a-Video Pro lines (www., which, at $60 per disc, cost a fraction of what you'd pay through a normal royalty-free video clearinghouse like FotoSearch ( A typical Ulead disc contains about eight motion backgrounds with coordinating still images (ideal for submenus) and video overlays (great for iMovie and Final Cut, not so great for iDVD). The CG Festivities disc (volume 20), for example, has ringing bells, foating balloons, fying stars, streaming ribbons, rotating hearts, and gift boxes, among others. Stock Art Don't overlook commercial graphics when customizing your themes. Stock art (profes- sional photos and illustrations that you can buy) can add a professional look to your menus without costing a lot of money. As Figure 17-6 shows, the right stock image may look better than the snaps you took with your digital camera. Figure 17-6: Stock photos are