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Third-Party Themes If you want new themes that work the way built-in iDVD themes do, then buying prebuilt themes can be the way to go. Once installed, third-party themes appear in your iDVD themes list; just click to use. Theme prices start at about $6 for a single theme or about $30 for a pack of six or more. Price, quality, and availability vary. Figure 17-6 showcases several third-party offerings. Figure 17-5: You can buy new themes from, for example, www. or iDVD Themetastic (top) sells themes á la carte, specializing in holiday items. iDVD ThemePak (bottom) sells themes in groups, offering great- looking motion and still graphics. Check their Web sites for some free downloadable samples. Buying Sound and Vision Motion Backgrounds If you're looking for another way to kick up your DVD productions a notch, then consider buying some commercial video loops for your menu backgrounds. Dozens of companies sell royalty-free video clips for use in movies and television. The price varies chapter17:designingidvdthemes 429