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Saving Favorites 4.Turnoff"Replaceexisting"ifyouwanttocreateanewentryinthethemelist. If you turn on "Replace existing," iDVD will treat your adapted theme as a replace- ment for the one you based it on, rather than creating a new entry in the list. 5.ClickOK. iDVD saves your theme as a new Favorite. You'll be able to apply it to other DVDs in the future by choosing its name from the Themes pane. (Choose Favorites from the pop-up menu to see its listing.) Tip: It could happen: You could tire of a saved Favorite. See the box on page 427 for the secret instructions on removing one from your iDVD theme list. Figure 17-4: In general, you'll call up your stored Favorite themes by choosing Favorites from the pop-up menu of the Themes pane (left). Behind the scenes, your Favorites are actual