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Muting Menu Audio To mute your audio, click the small speaker icon in the corner of the Audio well (Fig- ure 17-3). iDVD disables menu sound and hides the two tiny soundwaves. Click the icon again to restore menu audio. Don't forget to check your audio before burning, as muting the audio in the Settings pane affects the fnal DVD! Choosing Menu Audio Saving Favorites After applying all the techniques described so far in this chapter, you may end up creating masterpieces of adapted iDVD themes. Fortunately, iDVD allows you to save and reuse these modifed themes after you adjust them to your liking. Here's how to go about it: 1.OpentheSettingspaneintheCustomizedrawer. Click Customize frst to open the drawer, if necessary. 2.ClickSaveasFavorite(atthebottomofthepane). The Save sheet (dialog box) appears at the top of the window. 3.Typethenameforyournewtheme.Turnon"Sharedforallusers,"ifyoulike.