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Removing Menu Audio > Removing Menu Audio - Pg. 426

Choosing Menu Audio cutting off the video mid-repeat. Use the Duration slider in the Settings pane to set the loop time, which applies to both sound and video. Or, if you're really a perfectionist, you could always use a program like GarageBand to match the soundtrack length to the video. Create a nice fade-out at the end of the audio, and a fade-in at the beginning, so that the looping won't be quite so jarring. Reminder: This technique affects the background music of only the currently displayed menu screen. To apply the change to all menu screens, wrap up by choosing AdvancedApply Theme To Project. (And make sure you don't exceed your 15-minute total menu-length budget!) Figure 17-3: Here's your mini-iTunes, right in the Customize drawer. Use the playlists list at the top, or the Search box at the bottom, to fnd an appropriate song for your menu screen. Use the Play button (or double-click a song name) to listen to a song before placing it. Finally, drag