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Let go of the Option key when the new video appears in the menu background. (The Option key tells iDVD: "I'm installing this movie as a background, not as a movie of its own, represented by its own button on the menu.") Adding background video 2: Covering up drop zones To replace the background with a single, full-width video that covers up any drop zones, press the c key as you drag a movie fle out of the Finder and into the Back- ground well or the background of your iDVD menu. (As usual, avoid drop zones and buttons.) iDVD installs the video (and its audio) as the new background, hiding any drop zones in the process. Removing background video If you decide to restore the original background video and audio to your theme, drag the icons out of both the Background well and the Audio well. You'll get an animated puff of smoke with each drag, confrming that you've successfully removed both the audio and video that you had previously installed onto this menu screen. Changing Backgrounds Choosing Menu Audio Some of Apple's canned themes come with a preinstalled musical soundtrack, and