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Changing Backgrounds Tip: If you try to drag the Duration slider longer than the length of your movie, weird things happen. Sup- pose, for example, that you have a 15-second movie, a 20-second bit of audio, and you set the slider to 20 seconds. iDVD plays your movie once, plays 5 seconds more of the start of your movie, and then loops to start your movie again. It's an effect worth avoiding. Background video selection Choosing background video can be harder than selecting a still image, for two im- portant reasons: · Videomoves. Make sure that the video doesn't hide or overwhelm your titles, buttons, and drop zones. "Audition" your videos and make sure they work with your menus before you burn. In particular, watch for moving objects and scenes that are too bright or too dark. Tip: You can create a simple washed-out background video by applying iMovie HD's Fog effect. Leave the Wind slider at its factory setting. Drag the Fog slider to "more" and Color to "white," and then click Apply. This effect lightens your video, providing a more suitable backdrop for a DVD menu. Not light enough? Apply it a second time! · Motionmenusloop. Unless you take special care when creating your video, menu