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Background Video Instead of a photo background, you can also create moving, animated, video back- grounds, just like the ones you fnd on many commercial Hollywood DVDs. It's far easier to customize your background video than, say, to administer anesthesia to yourself and then extract your own teeth. Note: In all, iDVD provides three different places to install movies onto your menu screens. The following instructions pertain to only full-screen background videos. Don't confuse video backgrounds with drop zone videos or button videos. Changing Backgrounds Before you delve into this exciting new career, keep these points in mind: · Yourvideowillloop. Your background video fle will play, then restart and play again as long as your audience leaves the menu on the TV screen. There's no way to make a video play just once. · iDVDaddsbothvideoandsound. When your imported background video con- tains a soundtrack, that sound becomes the new soundtrack for the menu screen. It wipes out whatever music came with the theme. · iDVDhandlestiming.iDVD automatically adjusts the Duration slider (at the top