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Changing Backgrounds Adding a background image 2: Overwriting drop zones If you'd rather cover up any existing drop zones, replacing the background with a single image, drag a graphics fle into the Background well, identifed in Figure 17-2. Tip: Both of the preceding techniques change only the currently displayed menu screen. To apply the change to all menu screens, choose AdvancedApply Theme To Project. Image/Movie well (Drag a movie or graphics file here) Audio well (Drag a sound file here) Figure 17-2: In the Customize drawer, click the Settings button. Drag a graphics fle into the Background well (from the Finder or from iPhoto, for example). iDVD installs the graphic as the new background. In earlier versions of iDVD, this covered up drop zones but no longer. iDVD 5 fxed this annoying bug and everything now works the way you'd expect it to.