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Editing and Positioning Text "Scene Selection Menu," for example. Title text usually appears at the top of the screen, although you can put it anywhere you like. ·Buttontext can appear all by itself, or as labels above, below, beside, or on top of graphic buttons. ·Textboxes can appear anywhere on your screen. Thanks to this feature, you can create text boxes on your menu screens and fll them with whatever explanatory text you think is appropriate--instructions, introductions, a description of the project, and so on. Tip: In iDVD, as in life, don't be too talky. Brevity is the soul of DVD captions. To add a text block, choose ProjectAdd Text (c-K). Double-click the placeholder text and type away. Use the Settings panel of the Customize drawer to specify the font, color, alignment, and size of the text. It's a lot easier to edit text in iDVD 5 than in early versions, and a lot more consistent. Just select the text you want to modify and use the Text adjustments in the Settings pane. Here, for example, is a boatload of techniques to help customize your text. Each method