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Choices include gilded frames, fle frames, hearts, ovals, and more. Choose T to use a text button (just words, no picture). To revert to whatever button style the theme originally came with, choose From Theme. Figure 17-1: iDVD offers 13 built-in button frames. Note, though, that some iDVD button shapes crop video inappropriately, produc- ing odd-looking and less effective buttons, as shown here. Large subjects, par- ticularly people's faces or still objects, may not appear properly under these condi- tions. (Unlike drop zones, you can't reposition button videos to produce a better composition.) Button Styles Editing and Positioning Text Although most people focus primarily on iDVD's drop zones, video buttons, and so on, text also plays a critical role. It's a dependable, instantly recognizable part of a DVD menu system. The text that you can fddle with falls into three categories: ·Menutitles help viewers fgure out where they are in the DVD menu system by providing clues to the current context: "Our Vacation," "Pictures (Week 1)," and chapter17:designingidvdthemes 419